One of the collaboratives that Esperanza supports is the Downtown Women’s Action Coalition a group whose purpose is to “empower women who live and work downtown to influence public policy change that promotes health, safety, and economic and social justice for women through collective action, public education, community building, advocacy and leadership opportunities.” Centering the needs of extremely low-income and homeless women in downtown.

A month ago was the release of the Downtown Women’s Action Coalition (DWAC) third Needs Assessment. In this post you’ll find a clip of Sonali Kolhatkar’s March 28th, 2008 show where two DWAC members — Deborah Burton, longtime downtown resident and LA CAN staff member, and Fabiola Sandoval, asset manager at Esperanza — participate in the release of the study and share their insights via the radio. Uprising Radio clip

Stay tuned for the PDF version of 2007 Needs Assesment.