Esperanza Community Health Promoters Training Program, initiated in 1995 and has trained 334 residents on  the Figueroa Corridor to become leaders, patient advocates and health educators.  Today, Esperanza’s promoters educate and train our community members on various topics.

Norma Linares certified Lactation Educator presenting on Lactation to Community Health Promoter Class of 2010.

 The presentation also included correct positions to holding the baby while breastfeeding, good latch, commons concerns, support and resources available.

Georgina Serrano presenting on the importance of breast feeding and explaining the anatomy of the human breast. 

The purpose of this presentation is to motivate mothers to breastfeed their babies.

Both, Norma Linares (class of 2003) and Gina Serrano (class of 2000) graduated from Esperanza’s Community Health Promoters Training Program and continue their great work at Esperanza in collaborative with the LA Best Babies Network as leaders of our community.

Irma Chavez (class of 2002) training the new Health Promoter class in Poison Control; in addition, trained Brenda Chour (class of 2010) health promoter. 

In collaborative with the California Poison Control System, the training emphasizes on ways on how to poison-proof your house, what to do in case of emergency and on how to prevent poisonings. 

Brenda Chour, Community Health Promoter Class of 2010 presented at a local school on poison control. Mrs Chour presented to 25 parents on ways they could poison-proof their House. Parents were given practical tips and information on California Poison Action Line. Funding  is made possible by Kids’ Plates, Kid’s Plate fund local prevention programs to reduce unintentional injury I motor vehicles, bikes, pedestrian safety, drowning, poisoning, fire/burns, falls, firearms, and SIDS.

Rescatando Salud (Health Rescue Project)works to improve immunization rates of children in our neighborhood through immunization promotion, working closely with the County Immunization Project, South Central Family Center. 

Evelia Castaneda (class of 1998) and Elizabeth Guevara (class of 2000), Esperanza’s Senior Health Promoters presenting on child and adolescent immunizations.