I have been reading about fish behavior and coral reef formation .The first attempt to describe the forces at work was by Darwin,”On the structure and distribution of coral reefs.” It rivals Origin of the Species in its biological perceptions & timelessness of theory.

I went to a lecture at the natural history museum “Do files have emotion?” The first person to find similarities of emotional display common among species… Darwin. He was also the first to posit that insects could display emotion.

On the ride home I listened to “Science Friday.” They were interviewing a geologist, specializing in seismic activity. Guess who observed the last great Chilean Earthquake?

Darwin went ashore and noticed a stench. It was formed by 100,000’s of dried sea creatures. Either the sea had sunk, or the earth had risen. The seas are all connected and could not sink. So the earth must have risen… Thus he was the father of geology… It was he who figured out that the earth must be billions of years old, due to the size of the mountains. He who explained why fossils are discovered in mountain tops. The marine biologists and geologists are filing a class action against the biologists. Darwin is the father of modern…..

I bet he developed quantum theory in another dimension. 

On the other hand, fossils could be explained by from the Great flood. However I have never understood how they explain the radioactive dating of Billions of years.