March 2010

Esperanza Community Health Promoters Training Program, initiated in 1995 and has trained 334 residents on  the Figueroa Corridor to become leaders, patient advocates and health educators.  Today, Esperanza’s promoters educate and train our community members on various topics.

Norma Linares certified Lactation Educator presenting on Lactation to Community Health Promoter Class of 2010.

 The presentation also included correct positions to holding the baby while breastfeeding, good latch, commons concerns, support and resources available.

Georgina Serrano presenting on the importance of breast feeding and explaining the anatomy of the human breast. 

The purpose of this presentation is to motivate mothers to breastfeed their babies.

Both, Norma Linares (class of 2003) and Gina Serrano (class of 2000) graduated from Esperanza’s Community Health Promoters Training Program and continue their great work at Esperanza in collaborative with the LA Best Babies Network as leaders of our community.


Esperanza’s Community Health Promoters Training Program was developed to trained community residents how to become leaders in their community.  With the collaboration of other organizations, the training has been a success. 

“Comenzando Bien”, Health Pregnancy Curriculum from March of Dimes  was designed to  assist participants how to experience a healthy pregnancy, as well as promoting an healthy environment.  March of Dimes mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.  

Health Promoters learning how to properly care for their babies


Promotoras de Salud learning how to care for premature babies.

Goals of the curriculum include:

  • to give correct and adequate information in a cultural and appropriate language to hispanic women and their families about prenancy and behaviors that promote a healthy pregnancy.
  • Create a healthy environment for healthy habits.
  • Assist participants on how to become consumers of prenatal services.

March of Dimes:

Esperanza promotoras participating at the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom 8th annual advocacy event on March 18th.

Promotoras: Jane Guevara, Norma Benitez, and Irma Avila.

participants experienced a high-energy schedule packed with informative sessions regarding reproductive health and justice issues.

St. John’s Well Child and Family Center and Neighborhood Legal Services in Pacoima help families in South Los Angeles and Compton address the legal problems affecting their health.

“The medicine wasn’t what cured me,” said Perez, 49. “It was Mr. Dennis and what he did.”

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation congratulates Ana Ruth Varela for her great work as a Community Health Promoter.

Ana Ruth graduated from Esperanza’s Community Health Promoter Training in 2004, and currently works at St. John’s Well Child and Family Center. 

Ana Ruth assists people with diabetes and teaches them how to control this disease and prevent its complications through physical activity and healthy eating.  She also works with the Healthy Homes for Healthy Kids program visiting the homes of children with asthma and teaching parents how to identify triggers and how to pratice good hygiene habits to improve their environmental health at home.

Congratulations Ana Ruth for being a community leader!

La Opinion:

Edith Yoque graduated from Esperanza’s Community Health Promoters Training Program in 2007,  and today is being recognized as “Mujer Destacada” by La Opinion.                                                                                                                                                       Esperanza’s Community Health Promoters Training Program has trained 334 community residents to become health leaders, patient advocates and health educators. Ms. Yoque, a Health Promoter continues the journey in helping other families.

“Hago visitas a las casas y veo las cosas que provocan asma, como las cucarachas o el moho y hablamos con el casero para que mejore esta situación en el edificio.  No solo educamos, sino también abogamos por los pacientes”.

Edith does home visits and helps identify factors that trigger asthma such as roaches and mold.  She also advocates for combating slum housing and educate patients as well.

Esperanza is very proud of Edith!

Full Article:

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