budgie The garden grows.

The Budgie is jealous of his home. When we water, he waits anxiously in the branches above, waiting for us to leave.

Not that he’s antisocial. He entertains sparrows daily.


Two thuggish youth watched me water.

“This your garden?”

“…Well…” I began.

“Looks great!”

“Thank you thugs, “I replied (no not really.)


The kids have decided to build more houses for our other trees. Maybe we’ll get more escaped immigrants.

We have tomatoes, cucumbers, spices, flowers, mints and some weird melonish thingie. (That’s the botanical term.)

We have planted myriad wildflower. I saw my first butterfly today, not a monarch…but they will come.

Like building a ball park. (If you build it… they will come.)

I don’t expect shoeless Joe, but I do expect shoeless monarchs.


Someone has put rich soil all around the magnolia trees.


We (me and Irene 8 and Alex 14) gave a mosaic workshop at SAJE today. Eventually we will mosaic a bench/planter combo.


Afterward Irene and I took some pieces from the Kiln.P1000502

“Wow,” I said. “They came out fantastic!”

(They had been fired and refired about 5 times!)
“Yep,” she replied. “I never gave up on these.”

“As well you shouldn’t.”

“You’re my favorite art teacher.”

““Aren’t I you only art teacher?”

“I have had others, and they always made you do what they say. You let us do what we want.”

“Well, that’s how art should be,” I said. “There are certain ways to do things… but…”

(Also, I suck at discipline.)

“I’m going to keep this forever,” she said holding a vase close to her chest.

“I’m going to keep this my whole life; I’m going to be buried with it. And whenever I look at it, I will think of you. I will never forget you,”

I’m not a crier, but she got me.