Our Garden is amazing!

Contrary to dire prediction, the neighborhood is respecting it. Our vegetables are allowed to ripen.

Yesterday Chris presented me with a despondent chrysanthemum to plant.

 Because we have scattered much bird seed in the garden, we have a fine crop of sunflowers and grain as well as veggies, salvias, milkweed and mints.

We weeded and thinned the grains and seeded vibrant varieties of wildflowers.

 Do you remember, Alex, a 14 year old boy asked me if he could build a bird house? He even brought in food for the birds. (It was actually small animal food, but the concept was there.) He built two, one with a plastic bottle designed to gradually release seed, the other an open box he painted baby blue.

He’s been wondering why no birds come to his feeders?

“Be patient: First, we have seed all over and many birds are eating from the ground. Second, let them get used to it.” 

Well Guess what?!

A small blue budgie has moved into the blue bird house!

I think I’m more excited than the kids!

It’s obviously an escapee looking for a safe home.

The blue bird house is just his shade and size.

Perfect move in-condition.

 Casey and I made a bird food run yesterday.

She is an adorable girl, a good artist a dedicated gardener and a lousy navigator!

She was planning a trip to Vegas (“only 2 hours from the city.”) for bird seed.

I guess that high desert seed is the best.

 Alex is in a camp for a week so he doesn’t yet know the budgie broadcast.