I brought in some 4 day old kittens yesterday. The kids were enthralled. They were even delighted when they peed and pooped.
 Two recalcitrant youth who have always regarded me with suspicion and hostile glances (perchance because I am generally coated in a clashing variety of colors and clays…They are probably aspiring designers and I offend their nascent fashion sense…. yep that must be it.) were lured in to touch (lightly) the kittens.
I was rewarded with dazzling smiles and waves. Other species are often the best intermediaries.
“I brought in some 4 day old kittens!” I told the moms.
“Vivos?”  (Are they alive?”)
“Of course they’re alive! What do you think I am?!”
“I meant are they clay,” Sandra explained 
And speaking of kids (sort of)… there are tons,  adults & teens, 11- 4 year olds, painting, modeling  greenware ( unfired clay), throwing on the wheel (and if I’m lucky, not on the wall) , glazing & dipping bisque (fired clay), watering the garden, examining the garden, smelling and tasting plants, finding worms….
Last night at about 7:00pm  I heard a commotion outside, looking out the  classroom window I discovered about 20 people, young and old.
I inspected the street, but noticed nothing unusual (except conceivably me, dirtier than normal if possible, encrusted not only with clay glaze and paint as usual, but with soil as well.)
“Is there a problem?” I asked
“Just looking, ” one young man answered.
“At the class?” Or at the incredibly grubby woman before you?
“No, at the garden. We are admiring the garden.”
“We love the garden.”
I could have cried, adding trails of salt to my overall filth. Luckily I’m not a crier.
I noticed a rose in the garden when I arrived, but we have not planted any roses? A mom whose kids have all been in my class said, “I planted a rose, in the garden.”
How easily,often and beautifully are mysteries solved and miracles explained… I still don’t get how they fit an entire tree into that tiny seed  case though. ~Evie Art & Science Director