Esperanza’s Art & Science Program provides essential service to the children of our community: igniting imaginations, instilling pride, and encouraging active engagement with the natural world and the community.

As schools continue to cut funding, sacrificing the arts, hands-on science projects, and field trips, Esperanza continues to provide low-income students with opportunities for artistic and scientific growth.

The “Community Garden” project’s goal is to beautify our community and with the help and enthusiasm of the children, the garden is already nourishing the community with its first tomato and 2 squashes.

The kids (ages 6-16) are learning while they garden. 

They gravely answer “cotyledon” when asked what seed leaves (the first leaves) of a plant are; chloroplast (for food cells) and phloem & Xylem for the inner tubes.
Now we are working on flower parts
Stamen is the boy… remember stay Man
Piston is a girl, think Annie Oakley (she used pistols.) ~ Elizabeth