July 2009


Esperanza’s Art & Science Program provides essential service to the children of our community: igniting imaginations, instilling pride, and encouraging active engagement with the natural world and the community.

As schools continue to cut funding, sacrificing the arts, hands-on science projects, and field trips, Esperanza continues to provide low-income students with opportunities for artistic and scientific growth.

The “Community Garden” project’s goal is to beautify our community and with the help and enthusiasm of the children, the garden is already nourishing the community with its first tomato and 2 squashes.

The kids (ages 6-16) are learning while they garden. 

They gravely answer “cotyledon” when asked what seed leaves (the first leaves) of a plant are; chloroplast (for food cells) and phloem & Xylem for the inner tubes.
Now we are working on flower parts
Stamen is the boy… remember stay Man
Piston is a girl, think Annie Oakley (she used pistols.) ~ Elizabeth



The Mercado La Paloma is a site of transformative change.  The space is a former garment sweatshop which Esperanza has transformed into a vibrant marketplace.  The Mercado Houses 14 small family-owned businesses.  All of our Mercado vendors are first time successful business owners, creating job opportunities for our community, serving healthy authentic food, and selling handmade art crafts.

 A recession Obsession is, 1) a meal so great that it stays in your mind long after digestion’s end, and, 2) plays nice with your sensitive wallet.  Is there a better place than Los Angeles to eat a wide variety of amazing food that so happens to be inexpensive?  Probably not.  We’re as lucky as we are well fed.  We last obsessed over Tandoori tacos, and KyoChon’s Korean Fried Chicken.  Today, we obsess…

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Esperanza celebrated its 13th graduation ceremony of 24 community residents who completed the “Community Health Promoters Training”.


 Esperanza created the Community Health Promoters’ Program (CHPP) in 1995 to build and maintain a comprehensive approach to health systems change and community transformation.  With our CHPP, Health has become Esperanza’s largest program area.


The “Promotores De Corazón” Award from left to right: David Robinson, Norma Linares, Paty Rizo, Elizabeth Guevara, Georgina Serrano, Jesus Garcia, and Andrea Soriano.


Health Promoter Graduate in company of her family.

Special Thanks to:

Kaiser Permanente


Ed Schuman (photographer)


The Healthy Homes team participated in an asthma training presented by two Esperanza Health Promoters; Maria Bejarano and Consuelo Pernia.
Healthy Homes Asthma training[1]

The Healthy Homes Asthma Project works with the community by providing them with information on how to prevent this chronic disease in children.

Asthma training 7-9-9[1]

Maria and Consuelo explaining the primary problems in asthma and what triggers this chronic disease. Asthma T[1]

Consuelo explaining how the human lungs are affected.


The Healthy Homes Team

LA Times:Health Tip – Controlling Asthma


Esperanza community members started the gardening project last Saturday.

It was hard work as the easement is covered with crabgrass. While we worked we were joined by Pedro (the maintenance man at Algeria) and his entire family. They brought extra tools. Some residents saw what we were doing and brought us some oregano and basil to plant. On Monday the kids decided to make bird houses which we hung in the magnolia tree. The kids brought some bird food (actually hamster food) to put in the bird house.

They are watering the garden daily!

Some residents watch us, We were warned that the bad guys might destroy our efforts, but so far so good. And now many people pass and smile and say how wonderful it is to have a garden:) ~Evie