The Los Angeles Pilot Project Phase 3 is an Esperanza Community Housing project that works in partner with the Healthy Homes Collaborative and the Los Angeles Housing Department in inspecting homes -pre-1978- that might have lead-base paint and educate families on lead-safework practices using a proactive  city housing inspection program called the SCEP list, a Systematic Code Enforcement Program and a state lead poisoning prevention law known as SB 460,  in addition the program provides high-risk lead poisoning tenants with information and assistance. 


What I like about my job is the opportunity I have to help tenants know about their rights.  A lot of the tenants we visit do not know they have a right to say what’s wrong with their unit and continue living in slum condition.  We let tenants know when their housing inspection is and tell them to be there so they can let the inspector know of anything that needs to be repaired.  Tenants are very thankful to know there’s people who care about their living conditions and are there to help them with any questions and needs. ~Mari Lobos