Our public transport system is a disgrace.  We need more trains, rail and subways.  One only has to visit Europe to see what a difference trains, rail and subways can make. It removes traffic including buses from our congested streets and is more fuel efficient.


Freeways could be lowered, so that the cars are in effect sunk into a cement canyon.  Metal arched arbors would make an arching tunnel over the freeway/canyon and festooned with vines, this would muffle sound and consume some C02.


Why I do it…

Trying to keep a public mural graffiti free is a constant, thankless task.  I would have given up in frustration long ago if it had not been for the marvelous Gerry Valido, Management Analyst of Citywide Graffiti Abatement.

But why do I do it?

Is it because I believe the mural to be an amazing work of art that must last forever, or what passes for forever in this ephemeral worl, some Sistine Chapel of South-Central?  No…it’s my way of thumbing my nose at the vandals among us, denying the right to the city to those who would destroy it.  Refuting the fact that our artwork will be defaced, our streets filled with garbage and that we will walk in fear.  Many would think that comparing graffiti to murder or rape is extreme, but I believe it;s all parts of the whole.

We need art and gardens, not rubbish and tagging.  Living in dirt and ugliness, bereft of nature and beauty is soul destroying.  I repudiate those who would make it so, who try to destroy what we create.

We will repaint the mural and plant gardens, “find tonges in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything” -William Shakespeare.