Esperanza means hope……literally.

To me however  Esperanza means much more. Esperanza has meant the ability to learn, to teach, to grow and spread my wings.
Why, because of the believe and support  that Esperanza has always shown to me.

And this desire to build a better community extends beyond Esperanza.

We get  free tickets to events and concerts, so that our children and families will not lack the cultural experience and opportunities of their wealthier peers (Thank you Jennifer Lynch of Stapes Center and Jill Gurr of Create Now.)

Paint, a giant mural? You can do it! We will help you! Thanks  (Al Nodal,& Riley Forsythe of Walldogs .)

As most of you know, trying to keep a public mural graffiti free is a constant, thankless task.
I would have given up in frustration long ago if it had not been for the marvelous Gerry Valido, Management Analyst of Citywide Graffiti Abatement. He has consistently responded to my calls, removes the graffiti quickly, and when the coating was no longer enough, Gerry recommended and applied a different protection.

This coating  is made by a company called Genesis Coatings
(800) 533-4273.
And let me tell you it is magic!
Thanks Gerry, Jill, Jennifer and all those people I have met, and will continue to meet who give of themselves to make our community more beautiful, safer, smarter and more fun
Elizabeth Eve King, Arts & Science Director