Esperanza and Mercado La Paloma are proud of restaurant Oaxacalifornia for making appearance in the Los Angeles Times with their delicious “Aguas Frescas”, which have a been a long tradition in Mexico and Latin America. 

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Oaxacalifornia is a pretty café and juice bar located at Mercado La Paloma where his owner Juan Antonio serves delicious “Horchata” using his grandmother’s recipe.  The “horchata” is decorated with delicious fresh cantalupe, diced toasted pecans, and topped with a home-made cactus pear sorbet. Antonio says, “it isa typical way of serving [aguas frescas] in Oaxaca.”

Just remember the next time you visit downtown Los Angeles, don’t forget to stop by Mercado La Paloma and drink delicious “Aguas Frescas” at Oaxacalifornia juice bar. Congratulations!