July 2008

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation has made significant achievements with the community through the rehabilitation of buildings and providing affordable housing to low income families.  Recently, three Esperanza members -Fabiola, Monic, and Shawn- were interviewed by National Public Radio and had the opportunity to speak their concerns on affordable housing.

Monic, a promotora, a community leader, Esperanza’s Data Analyst, and a tenant of Esperanza’s affordable housing said:

We have already created an identity in this community for so many decades and it is not fair that with these developments, we are being pushed out.  We are ready to fight for our community.

Follow link:http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93004026

The fast food industry is growing, but at the same time obesity in the United States is growing faster.   While certain businesses may not be so concern about public health, conscious individuals would rather focus more on healthy eating, and fight against obesity, diabetes, and other diseases.

EsperanSalud, a program located at Mercado La Paloma offers preventive health and health access resources to the community.  Their dedicated and hard-working team provides information to the community on a variety of topics, including Obesity. 

“The Wall Street Journal”, recently published an article revealing CouncilWoman Jan Perry’s concerns on Public Health and a legislation to ban new fast food restaurants. 

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Figueroa Corrrido Community Landtrust in company of closest allies, Esperanza and SAJE, united this past weekend with the community at the “Estrella Block Party”.  The main purpose of this gathering was to bring to community residents different resources in the following areas: Health, Housing, and Legal services.  


Esperanza and Mercado La Paloma are excited to celebrate the accomplishments of Chichen Itza, a restaurant established at Mercado La Paloma that has been identified as one of the best places to have a delicious and exquisite dinner.  Enjoy the delicious brazo de reina (“arm of the queen”), an unusual tamale filled with egg and pumpkin seeds and sliced into spirals

“Nothing tastes better than a bargain”

This part of South L.A. (former South Central) was once the heart of jazz and African American culture.  Now it has been forgotten and turning into a nameless neighborhood.  For complete article follow this link:Without a name, former ‘South Central’ L.A. has become almost invisible
The corner of Central Avenue and Adams Boulevard. Many residents say they feel their area has been forgotten. But even if they can’t say for sure what that area is, they express strong feelings about its future. “It’s not that they don’t want a name,” says Vivian Bowers, a Central Avenue businesswoman. “If you gave them a name, they would wear it with pride.”

LOS ANGELES – The patients line up at 6:30 a.m. outside the tidy clinic. Two hours later, when it opens, they’ll sit and wait some more.There are 22-year-olds holding neat piles of pills on their laps; small children whose mothers try to distract them with plastic rattles; and elderly immigrants who sit silently, staring at nothing in particular until their names are called. And there are nearly 70 percent more of them walking into the St. John’s Well Child and Family Center in Compton since nearby Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital closed its doors last summer.

The San Diego Union-Tribune. By Jennifer Steinhauer

UPDATE: According to Mary Carroll of Los Angeles County Health Services, Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital is not entirely closed.  According to her, inpatient services and the emergency room were closed in 2007, not outpatient services.  Please read the comments.

Esperanza and Mercado La Paloma are proud of restaurant Oaxacalifornia for making appearance in the Los Angeles Times with their delicious “Aguas Frescas”, which have a been a long tradition in Mexico and Latin America. 

Image Preview

Oaxacalifornia is a pretty café and juice bar located at Mercado La Paloma where his owner Juan Antonio serves delicious “Horchata” using his grandmother’s recipe.  The “horchata” is decorated with delicious fresh cantalupe, diced toasted pecans, and topped with a home-made cactus pear sorbet. Antonio says, “it isa typical way of serving [aguas frescas] in Oaxaca.”

Just remember the next time you visit downtown Los Angeles, don’t forget to stop by Mercado La Paloma and drink delicious “Aguas Frescas” at Oaxacalifornia juice bar. Congratulations!

Link: http://www.latimes.com/theguide/restaurants/la-fo-aguasfrescasside2-2008jul02,0,4447520.story