June 2008

Echo Park one of the first L.A. Suburbs, latinos businesses and families being pushed out by the high rates of rents.  “People here seem to believe that because they are angry they don’t have to be civil,” said Christine Peters, who runs an animal rescue group at her home. “… From my perspective, we’ve lost a sense of community.”


Francisco Torrero, a neighborhood council member, stands by a cluster of houses at Santa Ynez and Alvarado streets. Neighbors complain that these vacant houses harbor drugs, prostitution and vagrants.  Link to Los Angeles Times to read complete article written by Scott Gold.

Villa Esperanza is a place where children can learn and have fun simultaneously  by participating in educational activities such as, computer Literacy, writing journals, reading, working in a variety of projects, and field trips.  There is no reason for kids to be bored during their vacations, when they can be having fun at Villa Esperanza. Below are some of the thoughts the kids between 2nd and 4th grades have expressed about Villa Esperanza Tutoring Program:  

I do like to come to the tutoring program because is fun.  When you need help with your homework, Sandra help us.  I like to come to the tutoring program because we do fun activities.  I like to come to the tutoring program because we go to the computers.  I also like to come to the tutoring program because we do projects.  I will change that I will not go to 28th Street school and stay here in Villa Esperanza with Sandra.” Isabel Chavira, 3rd Grade


Esperanza’s Art & Sciences programs provides children to experience hands-on art and learn to express their creativity even on their happy faces. 


“Artistic Karate Kids paint spontaneous animal
Classic glazey feliz (happy) clay
Brushing surprised happy candy colored joy”


Here is a brief post to whet your appetite.

We have just started using Google maps and we feel like that there are a lot of great applications for the work that we do in the community. First of all, since our work is so place-based, we’d love to show all the information that we have gathered about our neighborhood on one map. Right now we are still getting our toes wet and we have a lot to do, but we have a lot of ideas.


The Esperanza Health Promoters Committee invites you for a night of fun at Salon Las Mañanitas for “Noche Familiar”.  Everyone is welcome to invite friends, co-workers and don’t forget to bring the kids!

Where: ¿Dónde?: Salon Las Manannitas-2609 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, Ca 9007
When: ¿Cuándo?: September 05, septiembre 05-2008
Time: ¿Hora?: 6:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.

Tickets are on sale now, Boletos en venta ya: $20.00 adults/adultos 18 and over and $10.00 ages/edades 3-17.

 Free paring/Estacionamiento gratis. For tickets call, Para boletos llame a (213)272-2110 or (213) 741-2365 Jesús García.

Two of Esperanza’s Health Promoters from the Healthy Homes Project were interviewed on “De Sol A Sol” by Gilberto Romero at the 135th annual American Public Health Association Conference. Emphasizing important points of what the program encompasses and how each contribute to the well being of the community by promoting and providing health information. For full interview go to following link:

“A Community Approach to Mental Health” De Sol a Sol

Last month, Esperanza staff embarked in a mother’s day mini-fundraiser and community-building event Color Your Love for your Mother at the Mercado La Paloma. It was fairly simple to connect the event to our vision and reality. A great majority of Esperanza staff are Promotoras from the community who themselves are mothers, and many members of the community are also mothers of young children actively engaged in schools, park committees, and tenant leadership councils to improve the conditions of their lives and that of their children.

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